A Triple On The Card At Flamingo

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Jan 2, 2020
Miss Khalifa wins at the Vaal
Miss Khalifa Powered Home at The Vaal Today
Jan 8, 2020

A Triple On The Card At Flamingo

all of me winner at flamingo park

Spies Racing had a red-letter day yesterday at Flamingo Park taking three wins, each in impressive fashion.

ALL OF ME is now a 6-times winner, bred by Boland Stud, landing the odds under Calvin Habib who used the rail then sat and sat before running clear.
WINDY FLIGHT followed up his win on 1st January with another sprinting success flying home under Craig Zackey from off the pace and grabbing the race on the line.
MISS BOOMERANG under the auspices of Tobie Spies had good help from Hennie Greyling in making her very pleasing win look easy. – [06.01.20]


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